About Us - Ludicrous Nutrients - Premium Highest End Fertilizers

We are a group of passionate gardening aficionados who decided to work closely together and dream with one of the largest and oldest fertilizer manufacturing firms in Canada to create a custom blend of performance nutrients designed to give both home and commercial growers an absolutely ludicrous boost.

We succeeded in creating a simple 2 part system that enables the grower to get absolutely fabulous results by investing in only 2 key fertilizers.  Powdered form saves the environment and prevents the shipping of water (e.g. typical liquid fertilizers).   

Make your plants blossom like bosses at a fraction of the cost of competing fertilizers. No need to ship water when you can pack even more punch with the powder itself. Add 2 scoops (5.25 oz / 150 g) per 25 gallons (100 liters) of water in reservoir once per week during the flowering stage of plant growth. PPM and PH optimized (based on city water at 150 ppm), but feel free to adjust as your crops or plant genetics may require. 

Don't grow regular - grow ludicrous.